Protective Coating

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Prevent future corrosion with protective coatings

After a blast clean from Interblast, we always try to ensure the future of your structure is protected by re-coating with a range of protective coatings. Whatever work you have had done, including high pressure water jetting to abrasive grit blasting, we can provide a protective coating to defend future corrosion.

Industrial protective coatings are usually used for corrosion control on steel work, and can include coatings for fire resistance.

A typical protective coating includes a base coat (or primer), an intermediate coat, and a top coat. This ensures the coating has the best chance of protecting the steel work from future corrosion. We always advise that a protective coating is the way forward in preventative maintenance; for a free quotation or any protective coating advice call a member of the team today.

What are the benefits of choosing a protective coating?

  • Protects from future corrosion
  • Can be fire resistant
  • Prevents costly cleaning in the future
  • Creates a physical barrier between the steel and corrosive environment
  • Many more

Our structural coatings help protect your areas in the future; for more information call today on 0191 406 1328 or 0345 521 7337

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