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    Grit Blasting


Smooth your surfaces with our abrasive grit blasting service

Using high pressure equipment for both domestic, commercial and industrial sector customers, Interblast can provide a comprehensive abrasive grit blasting service for all your needs. Whether you need to roughen surfaces, shape them, or make them completely smooth, we can help.

Abrasive grit blasting forcibly pushes a stream of abrasive material against the surface under a high pressure to create the desired effect. There are many variants of this process, including soda blasting and sand blasting.

Think you may need something abrasive grit blast cleaned you have come to right company?

Our team can offer you a free quotation and advice as to whether abrasive grit blasting is suitable for you. Give a member of the team a call today for more information.

When is abrasive grit blasting suitable?

  • Smoothing rough surfaces
  • Roughening smooth surfaces 
  • Removing surface contaminants
  • Shaping surfaces
  • On steel work
  • Many more

For a comprehensive abrasive grit blasting service across the UK, call today on 0191 406 1328 or 0345 521 7337

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